At St Therese of Lisieux we aim to provide the highest quality primary education that will equip our pupils with a life-long love of learning. Our pupils will be filed with an irresistible desire to question, explore, investigate and discover more about themselves and the world in which they live. They will develop an appreciation for and generosity towards the people, the world and the universe around them.

Our Curriculum Aims:

To instil in all pupils a life- long love of learning

Help pupils to embrace diversity, value their own cultural heritage and recognise their contribution to the society in which they live

Embrace challenge and new opportunities so that pupils can learn without limits

Respect for the environment and a genuine sense of awe and wonder for our planet motivates our pupils to become responsible global citizens

Encourage every child to have a strong sense of self and discover what is extraordinary and unique about them

Support, guide and inspire pupils through excellent teaching practices

Enable all pupils to fully experience the joy of childhood through an experience-rich, memorable and exciting learning journey


Our Curriculum Drivers

Our curriculum drivers underpin all aspects of our curriculum planning and intent.



To value diversity

To understand ourselves

To appreciate each other



To question

To discover

To create

To communicate



To challenge ourselves

To challenge each other

To learn without limits


The following quote informs our philosophy of teaching and learning at St Therese of Lisieux:

“The more children know you value them, that you consider them extraordinary people, the more willing they will be to listen to you, and afford you the same esteem. And the more appropriate the teaching is, based upon your knowledge of them, the more eager the children will be to learn from you. And the more they learn, the more extraordinary they become. “

M Scott Peck.

At St Therese of Lisieux we implement teaching and learning through a pedagogy of “Assess, Plan, Teach.” This helps to structure all learning sequences; short, medium and long term.



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