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Home Learning – Physical Activity and PE at Home



The school continues to create numerous sporting opportunities for our pupils across a varying range of sports and disciplines.

Our weekly stamina sessions have seen us try boxercise workouts for the first time which have been really well received by both pupils and staff alike.

Both our boys and girls teams have been in action this term. Firstly they represented the district of Stockton in the Danone Nationals All English Schools County Cup competition. The boys qualified for the northern regional finals, beating the best teams from the Redcar, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and East Cleveland districts without dropping a point or conceding a goal.

The girls team narrowly missed out in the same competition by 1 point having drawn their last game.

A trip to Harrowgate Town FC awaits the boys in the next round with the hope of reaching the national final against the southern winners in Birmingham on the 21st of April.

Sticking with football and the Boys team won the EFL Kids cup regional finals, hosted by  Middlesbrough Football Club, again without dropping a point, qualifying for the Northern national finals where they will travel to Sheffield Wednesdays Hillsbrough training HQ. The team will represent Middlesbrough and wear their strips in the hope of qualifying for the national final to be played at Wembley stadium prior to the championship play off final.

The boys were also district semi-finalists, and despite being unbeaten, missed out on a penalty shoot out.

The girls team however went one step further and won the Stockton district League meaning we are the current league champions. As a result, the team have qualified for the Tees Valley District final at Stockton Towns ground and also the regional finals competition at Middlesbrough F.C’s Hurworth training ground where they will meet and train with the players, have a coaching session with academy staff and take part in a tournament on the afternoon.

On a footballing side note, Sebastian Hodgkinson has recently been giving the honour of the u11 Stockton District captaincy due to outstanding application and leadership skills.

Our swimmers have also been in action at the Tees Valley regional qualifiers, with some pupils representing Team Therese for the first time whilst for many this was their first ever swimming gala with many fantastic team and individual performances in the pool.

In P.E we have been joined by gymnastics coach Charlotte from Stainsby Gym club where she was prepping our pupils for the Tees valley Key steps 3 finals day. Of the 17 Schools there on the day we came out 3rd overall and out of the 75 pupils entered for the individual floor routine, two of our pupils took 1st and 2nd which is quite remarkable. A further four pupils picked up individual awards for displaying spirit of the games traits. Behaviour, manners, sportsmanship and application were also highlighted by event organisers.

Up next we had the Tees Valley dance festival day. Our routine and entry was completely unique as it was completely pupil lead for posters, auditions, squad list, music choice, choreography, outfits and final dance, not to mention 8 weeks of giving up break times. Again individual and team awards were won on the day for passion, determination and working within the spirit of the games. The pupil ownership is by far the most rewarding aspect of this comp.

The School have also entered the Tees Valley High 5 Netball League 2020 in which we have entered two teams. The girls only league and the mixed boys and girls league in order to maximise opportunity and playing chances in a competitive league having come out on top of both leagues last year.



  • Change 4 life healthy living festival – years 3/4/5
  • Tees Valley club link day
  • Racquet skills festival – year 3/4
  • Grant White Durham County cricket coach – PE
  • Disney active literacy storytelling course (cpd)
  • English National Tennis training (cpd)
  • Healthy minds whole School assembly
  • Unicef playground challenge 2020 (charity)
  • Elite dance academy dance trials



One of our aims for the 2018/2019 academic year, was for every key stage 2 pupil to attend a sporting event outside of school, either organised through the school sports partnership, club links or wider reaching external competitions.

Within the first half term 38 children had represented the school through cross country and a tag rugby competition. This number soon increased to 136 sporting opportunities by mid-November alone.

Coupled with lunchtime activities and an extensive range of after-school clubs, as well as our Daily Mile and additional stamina training, we were able to achieve our target of a Gold School Games Award

Greater depth and understanding was offered to skills learned in PE by the introduction of intra- competitions at the end of each half term, offering children the chance to apply new found skills to a competitive game situation whilst still in an inclusive, nurturing learning environment.

Our Sports Leaders ensured Reception and Key Stage 1 were active on lunchtimes through varying fun and sporting activities, working to a daily rota to ensure we had an active school on lunchtimes having gained a leadership qualification through the School Sports Partnership (SSP).

Events and achievements

  • Cross country – Phases 1 & 2 (regional finalist representing our district)
  • Mixed tag rugby – 2nd phase finalists
  • Girls only tag rugby
  • Indoor sports hall athletics
  • Dodgeball tournament
  • Primary leadership award (6 pupils gained qualification)
  • Ingleby Manor y6 boys football (winners)
  • Ingleby Manor y6 girls Netball (runners up)
  • High5 netball tournament A & B teams
  • Key step gymnastics competition
  • EFL kids cup football (league winners)
  • Swimming gala (group Tees valley finalists)
  • Club link festival
  • Racquet skills festival
  • Y3/4 football league boys
  • Y3/4 football league girls
  • Wilf Mannion football boys (winners)
  • Wilf Mannion football girls (runners up)
  • High5 netball league A (winners)
  • High5 netball league B (runners up)
  • Y5/6 boys Football league (runners up)
  • Christ the King football tournament (runners up)
  • EYFS skills festival
  • Catholic cup boys A & B (winners)
  • Catholic cup girls A (runners up)
  • Multisport festival
  • Cricket
  • Premier league primary stars participation
  • Daily Mile

In total, we provided over 500 sporting opportunities whilst reaching our target of the whole of Key Stage 2 participating in representing Team Therese. In most cases children represented the school on more than one occasion, which proved to be our most successful year to date for sporting success as we measure success in participation as key, along with the multitude of trophies we won.

After-school clubs

To keep up interest and offer wider opportunities, we offered a different after-school club each half term. This was often based around upcoming competitions or seasonal sports. As well as this we continued to offer intensive and specific coaching to our competitive sporting teams in order to be prepared before competitions/tournaments.

  • Tag rugby
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Multi-skills
  • Fun Fitness
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Multi-sports
  • School football team boys (training)
  • School football team girls (training)
  • Netball team (matches and training)

Lunchtime clubs and sports leaders

As part of our goal to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, as well as making break times more structured for our younger pupils, we created a timetable alongside a play leaders rota to insure we maximised our opportunities to get active. Our play leaders were tasked with targeting our least active or less social pupils to get involved in fun sporting activities.

  • MONDAY – Monday mile (running club)
  • TUESDAY – Talent Tuesdays (showcasing sporting and non-sporting skills)
  • WEDNESDAY – Wicket Wednesdays – (Cricket)
  • THURSDAY – Purple panthers – (Netball Team)
  • FRIDAY – Friday fitness – (stamina and well-being

All these events ran alongside the play leaders existing activities and were often pupil led, with posters being made to advertise in and around school.