Pod Groups Arrivals Departures
Year 6 8.20 – 8.30 am 2.30 -2.40 pm 
Year One 8.35  – 8.45 am 2.45 – 2.55pm
Key Worker pupils 8.50 – 9.00 am 3.00 – 3.15 pm

There is a provision for flexible arrival for key worker pupils, please contact school if you wish to have a flexible start to the day.


Parents and pupils are expected to arrive at school promptly for allocated arrival times and enter the school grounds via the main school gate. Only one parent should attend school at any one time. If at all possible, other siblings should not attend at drop off and pick up times. If there is absolutely no alternative, then they must remain beside their parents. Toddlers should remain in their pushchairs and not be allowed to roam. Please wait on one of the social distancing markers visible in the playground while you wait for your child.

There will be a clearly signposted one way system, allowing for 2 metre distancing at all times. Please observe any markings in place.

In order to restrict visitors to the school building parents will not be permitted to enter the school building. If you need to leave a message or inform school please telephone where possible. Only one person may be in the school reception area at one time.

On arrival, pupils will be shown where to stand and will be met by a member of staff who will invite them safely into their allocated classroom. Once pupils are inside the school building, parents are required to promptly leave the school grounds following the one way system and exit via the gate to the church carpark adjacent to the school.

Parents must not gather at entrance gates or exit points.



Pupil Information for Key Workers

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School Reopening – Guidance for Parents