All that we do in school is centred on the person of Jesus Christ who is our Way, Truth and Life and we believe worship in our school names and celebrates His presence in our lives and is an integral part of school life and central to the Catholic tradition.

Worship takes on many forms in our school but is always concerned with giving glory, honour, praise and thanks to God.

Collective Worship and Assembly

Whole School
Our week in school begins with a whole school Collective Worship led by Mrs Stott or Mrs McNicholas and is based on the teachings of the Gospel reading of the previous Sunday.

Key Stage
Pupils in lower school and upper school gather weekly in prayer and worship to further explore the scripture of the week and it’s message linked to our school mission.

Our pupils are encouraged to continually develop their personal prayer life and relationship with Jesus. In Early Years and Key Stage One teachers support the pupils in developing their understanding of prayer and worship. In Key Stage Two pupils are given support to plan and deliver their own Liturgies. This time allows children to be reflective and think of their own needs and the needs of others.

Parents and Parish
Every half-term parents are invited to join their child’s class for a special liturgy in school which is led by teachers and pupils. Dates are given on the website and in newsletters.

Throughout the Year of The Church, pupils, staff and parishioners gather together.

Each morning in May and October we pray The Rosary in school and all are welcome to join.

In November we have our special month of Remembrance and all members of the community are invited to write in our Remembrance Prayer Book and share a special candle service.

For special feast days and celebrations in the Church’s year we gather for Mass in our Parish Church and these occasions are shared on our website and in the Parish Newsletter.

We are very fortunate to have our beautiful church so close to school and use it frequently as a special place to be closer to God in prayer and worship.