At St Therese of Lisieux we believe that every pupil is a leader and we foster and encourage all pupils to recognise in themselves their capacity to make a difference to their own and others’ lives.

We believe that a committed approach to the development of leadership within our pupils will empower and motivate children, and help to create confident individuals who can have successful lives.

We recognise that our pupils are our greatest resource and they take great pride in their school and embrace opportunities to serve their school community. We continually seek ways in which we can provide opportunities for pupils to be involved in the wider school life, make decisions about projects they would like to run and provide support for other children in the school.

Family Guardian

At St Therese every Year 6 pupil is a Family Guardian. Their role is to act as the leader of the family which includes a child from every year group in the school. Guardians take care of the family and plan and lead several events throughout the school year. Examples include: preparing a family picnic and games afternoon, sharing special events such as reading stories and books for world book day and storytelling week, teaching families about special events such as Santa Lucia, Remembrance Day. Guardians also lead prayer with their families and support them in family challenges and competitions across school. Guardians recognise the demands of leadership and understand the importance of preparation, organisation and responsibility.

House Ambassador / House Captains

Every Year 6 pupil is given the opportunity to apply for House Ambassador. Pupils are provided with a job description and prepare a speech which they deliver to the school and the children in each house vote for their House Ambassador. Successful pupils take a leading role on the school Leadership Council, lead their house in their house charity events, represent the views of their house and take a leading role in organising the weekly Achievement Assembly. Every Year 6 pupil has the opportunity to lead house assembly and celebrate the achievements for their house.

Class Ambassadors

Each class democratically elects a class ambassador who will represent the views of the class on the Leadership Council. Pupils will deliver a speech to their peers who will vote for their class representative.

Subject Ambassadors

Pupils in Y5 and 6 can also apply for subject leadership/ school ambassador positions. Pupils are invited to complete a leadership application form and state their particular passions and interests across the curriculum. In discussion with subject leaders pupils are awarded the position of subject ambassadors. Current positions include:

Sports, Maths, Reading, Computing, Music, Science, Spanish, History, Geography

Pupils can also express an interest in school areas such as Health and Safety Ambassador, Prayer Ambassadors, Playground Ambassador, Friendship Ambassador.

Subject leaders work with ambassadors to support the development of their subject and help to promote the area of learning across the school. For example support parent workshops, lead lunchtime activity, lead relevant school assemblies and school events.

School Groups and Organisations

Eco Council

Pupils are very enthusiastic about caring for their environment and educating their peers about current eco issues. The Eco Council is an elected group and each class appoints a member of the council. The council meet weekly and part of their work involves working towards maintaining the schools Green Flag status.

Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnie leaders meet regularly to pray for those in need and to plan and prepare action to help others in need. Our Mini Vinnies fully embrace their role and responsibility and confidently present presentations to the school to raise awareness on a number of issues.

Examples of their work includes raising money and awareness of the work of CAFOD, taking food and clothes to food banks, making hampers for people seeking asylum, visiting the elderly at the local care homes and taking an active role in promoting prayer in each class by monitoring sacred spaces and creating prayer books for each year group.

Buddy System

Pupils also support younger pupils across all areas of school life. Older pupils are asked to support as reading buddies, maths mentors, playground buddy. This is a role older pupils cherish and receive great pride and satisfaction as the benefits of peer to peer support are immense. Evidence has shown that pupils can make great progress when supported and inspired by their peers.